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vendredi 13 juillet 2012

2 New Releases Out Now!!

After Taste - motifs & ornements part I (cd album) : more than 318 different home-made mix's and a 6 years-mastering-process, our beloved buddies from After Taste have finally managed to release their new LP. And it's awesome : Heavy beautiful sound and epic tear-dropping parts. If you like darkness with a bit of light, if you like to feel your heart stopping and your blood going solid or if YOU HATE HUMAN BEINGS, make sure to drop an ear on it. LOVE.

listen After Taste

Sutter Cane - sous la pierre et l'asphodèle (cd album) : Beginning in 2010, SUTTER CANE plays a loud and dark music based on a narrative concept. Featuring members of DRAFT, VENOSA and SCOLD FOR WANDERING. Expect a mix between Celeste & Reka with some melodik touch ala scold for wandering.

Listen Sutter Cane