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dimanche 1 septembre 2013


YOU FAIL : (first ep 12")

really cool mix of modern HxC and emo!
for fans of Have Heart or Verse!!

You Fail


NEVER AGAIN - NO! (demo cd-r)

Remastered repress of the first demo!!
punk HxC with 90th HxC with touch of screamo

Never Again


GRAND DETOUR (one side 12" ep)

instrumental mix of post rock and dark emo with members of Bokanövsky and Child Meadow
think the first album of microfilm

Grand Detour

jeudi 21 mars 2013

2 more new releases!!

-OS41: La Casa Fantom - feed my silence (12")
Smell the tension and feed yourself 9 new tracks of heavy and doomy opera!
 La casa Fantom is a two piece orchestra from the forest outside of Oslo in Norway. The band consist of Lars on drums and Bård on bass, both sing or at least trying to.
 "Our music is difficult to describe, it has its roots in punk and hardcore but we have always been fans of taking from all the music we like and mix it in. Borders exists also in music and we always want to breake them. When we play live we like to give everything that the music expresses: the intensity, the aggression and the emotions".

 la casa fantom


 -OS42: More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters- history isn't an endless circle (ep one side 12"):
Qualifiée de "plus dangereuse qu'un millier d'émeutiers" dans les archives du département de Police de Chicago, Lucy Parsons, devient, après s'être affranchie de sa condition d'esclave, une des figures emblématiques du mouvement révolutionnaire aux Etats-Unis.
Formé fin 2011 à Strasbourg, More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters tire ses influences punk hardcore de groupes tels que Refused, Verse ou Gallows. Son discours s'inscrit dans la continuité de la verve et de la haine dont Lucy Parsons a su faire preuve contre toutes les oppressions.

more dangerous than a thousand rioters 

lundi 19 novembre 2012


THE SONS OF FAOW VERNY - "Grimreapers on Unicorns"Book I                           (cd DIY cover)
=Dancing Emo Folk Accoustik from dijon (fr)
The Sons of Faow Verny are a bunch of guitars with a various amount of strings, a cheap-ass casio keyboard, something looking like a glockenspiel, a hard-to-tune bass, some pieces of a stolen drum set, and voices who had never sung this way.

 Featuring guys who’ve played in bands you’ve probably never heared about :
Julien (Kazan), Damien (After Taste), Bebert (Who Needs Maps? / The“tan”Case / Never Again / Chihiro), Mike (Skool is burning / Chihiro)

(cd in cool sceenprinted cover DIY)
=Frensh Screamo Old School from tarbes (fr)
expect a mix between "Mihai edrish" & "le pré où je suis mort",
depressive, melodik and really emotionnal hardcore in beautiful DIY screenprinted cover! enjoy!

mercredi 3 octobre 2012

THE BORING- carving for change- lp out now!

THE BORING- carving for change-(red 12" + cd)

-The best frensh punk HxC melodic band at this time, and with good political lyrics.
Think a mixe of Comeback kid and No guts no glory, all do with DIY punk spirit. enjoy!!

The Boring

dimanche 12 août 2012

Rivers Run Dry/Tyrannicide split 12" out now!!

-Rivers Run Dry / Tyrannicide (split 12")
Finally, the new record is out! We got the copies of the split LP Hungarian  Rivers Run Dry with the dutch Tyrannicide.The record consist of 4 Rivers Run Dry tracks beside the 6 Tyrannicde ones, altogether in almost 30 minutes and all in beautifull cover.
expect Neo crust d-beat for RRD, and some chaotik HxC with passion for Tyrannicide

check it:

vendredi 13 juillet 2012

2 New Releases Out Now!!

After Taste - motifs & ornements part I (cd album) : more than 318 different home-made mix's and a 6 years-mastering-process, our beloved buddies from After Taste have finally managed to release their new LP. And it's awesome : Heavy beautiful sound and epic tear-dropping parts. If you like darkness with a bit of light, if you like to feel your heart stopping and your blood going solid or if YOU HATE HUMAN BEINGS, make sure to drop an ear on it. LOVE.

listen After Taste

Sutter Cane - sous la pierre et l'asphodèle (cd album) : Beginning in 2010, SUTTER CANE plays a loud and dark music based on a narrative concept. Featuring members of DRAFT, VENOSA and SCOLD FOR WANDERING. Expect a mix between Celeste & Reka with some melodik touch ala scold for wandering.

Listen Sutter Cane